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DIY Rope Framed Mirror

Mirrors tend to be an issue in our household and our upstairs guest/Colin’s nautical bathroom are no exception to the rule.  Before its recent remodel, this bathroom had a tired builder grade unframed mirror that was covered in black spots and not salvageable.  After a failed attempt to replace it with another unframed mirror we found on craigslist, we ended up purchasing two frame-less mirrors from Lowes.  We had company coming to town and we were down to the wire to get some sort of mirrors up before their arrival.

Nautical kids bathroom

While we have been quite pleased with the overall renovation, particularly our DIY open shelf vanity, we knew the time would come that these mirrors got a little TLC.  I drew upon this mirror for all my inspiration.

DIY rope mirrorApparently, Nate Berkus at one time had a wonderful tutorial available for making a similar mirror, but the link was no longer active, so I relied on a little help from from this guide from 80 Miles to Brewster.  I was quite nervous after reading their turtorial  that I was taking on more than I could chew, but it wasn’t TOO bad, and I’m ecstatic with the results

rope framed mirror

Rope (I chose Manilla for its color, but Sisal is “prettier” and more often used
Mirror: Any size or shape will work
Jute Rope
Gorilla Wood Glue
Tape that is easy to rip such as duct or painters tape

DIY rope framed mirror

First thing I did was remove the mirror and laid it over an old sheet on the table.  Then I took out my rope and attempted to measure my pieces.

how to frame a mirror with rope

I wasn’t having a lot of luck getting the lengths right, so I just glued the rope on and cut my ends as needed.  I chose to start from the middle point about 1/2 in from the mirror.  While gluing down my very first section I started to question if this project was going to be too difficult as the rope did not want to stay in place.  I found using small sections of painters tape (which I ran out of and ended up using duct) worked well to keep the rope in place and I  starting used heavy objects like cutting boards and pots and  pans to keep to apply pressure.

how to frame a mirror with rope

I kept the bottom section free from glue so I could later wrap the ends with my jute rope.

Once I made it around the mirror, I was able to go and better work the starting pieces in place.  The Gorilla Wood Glue was SO easy to work with in that it would stick within a matter of 15 minuts or so, but not be so stuck that I was able to wiggle it a little for correcting lines.  I worked around the rope over and over in a circle lining up the rope as I wanted it and placing my heavy pieces on it to keep it in place until it was just the way I wanted it.

gorilla glue

how to add rope frame to mirror

The first strand  was for sure the hardest, the second was much easier.

DIY rope framed mirror

For the 3rd strand I attached it to the perimeter of the actual mirror so none of the edges would be exposed.

Once everything was glued down, I gathered the edges and wrapped them in duct tape and wrapped them with jute rope.

wrapping with jute

Then I took a knife and scraped off any excess glue.  I was nervous about having a lot of exposed glue under the rope, but the gorilla glue dried surprisingly clear and its not the slightest bit noticeable.  I took this shot of the mirror hung with the flash-on so it would pick up any imperfections. As you can see the reflection of the rope in the mirror is quite clean.

DIY rope mirror

Then it was time to hang it using the same old clips I had used before.  I just pulled the rope away from the necessary sections and re-glued it once the mirror was screwed back on the wall. The rope frame covered the clips beautifully.

rope framed mirror

I finished off some of the exposed mirror corners with small pieces that I just tucked under behind the frame.

The most difficult part of the project was that as soon as I was finished…

frame a mirror with rope

I realized I had to do it again…..

diy rope framed mirror

Have you worked in any rope into your decor?  Did you find it easy or tough to work with?I’d love to hear all about it.

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