Board Dudes..Dry Erase Magnetic Calendar

In a day of technology where we have our entire world on our phones, you see less and less wall calendars.  With a child the month can fill up fast between doctor’s appointments, play dates, birthday parties, etc.  let alone any commitments you have as an adult.  Even with our sophisticated phones my husband and I found ourselves on different pages about weekend commitments, etc.  It was just a mess.

My kitchen is on the smaller side and I do not have one tiny bit of wall space that could accommodate a wall board so you can imagine my excitement when I found this awesome magnetic dry-erase board by Board Dudes that sticks right on the face of your fridge (and it was $10 from amazon vs $13.99 on their site directly).

dry erase calender I know a lot of you love the look of a clean refrigerator and wouldn’t dream of putting anything on it to clutter it up, Board Dudes make a number of products that are designed for wall hanging as well.  But for me, this wasn’t an option, and my super cheap, super simple magnetic option has kept my family’s calendar super orgranized.  Each month I fill it up and its easy to just wipe off with my finger should our plans change.

 (please disregard my horrible handwriting and pumpkin drawing)

The board I purchased does come with the black pen you see attached to the top of the board and its a fine point and my favorite pen to use on the board.  As you can see I purchased an additional pack of pens for my board, but they are a medium tip and I don’t recommend them.  If you prefer a colorful board I suggest buying this pack of thin SRX pens directly from Board Dudes.

I was in no way solicited or paid for this recommendation, I just wanted to pass on a product which I love to my readers.



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